Co-founder Maegan, along with three other students (Baylen Campbell & Matt Day) from Trinity College Dublin/UCD have been chosen by Rhize to be youth leaders in development. Baylen Campbell is currently living in Washington DC and is the co-founder of Global Development Consultants along with Gilly O’Sullivan, Anna Jannesson and Maegan McConnell. Matt Day is co-founder of SSAtech currently working in Tanzania.

Rhize, a crowd-sourcing platform for social and political action, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, seeking to support youth activists, researchers and organizers. 100 youth from all over the world have been selected, and it is such an honor that 3 friends have been singled out.

With Maegan’s selection into this program, she is identified as the Executive Director of Peace In Minds. This means that whatever benefits the Rhize program offers to Maegan will directly benefit PIM. At this time it is uncertain what these benefits will be exactly. However, access to funding, mentors and other resources to further benefit and grow the organisation are expected.

We look forward to seeing what this opportunity can bring to our organisation, and what Maegan can contribute to Rhize in the future.

We congratulate Maegan on her efforts thus far. It must be such an honour to see your efforts taking shape and being recognised so early on in your career.

Maegan McConnell said: “It’s great to know I have the support of such a great initiative. My research and area of work in mental health has little to no visibility in development at this time, but having the support of Rhize and all the other individuals selected means a lot for the further growth and promotion of mental health in development.”

This week Maegan was also selected to attend the Conference on International Sustainable Development at Columbia University, NYC in September. Maegan will have two papers being presented in this conference, one on her own and another that she has co-authored with three other academics. We look forward to sharing these papers with you when they become available.
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Matt Day’s organisation, SSAtech can be found at:

Baylen Campbell’s organisation