To say that a lot has happened in the past year is an understatement. I am inclined to say that this is the reason the blog has been neglected for 11 months but no excuse is a good excuse. Here is an update and we will try to keep them coming more frequently.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been asked multiple times what are the long-term goals of PIM. And while I know the answer, it made me realize that it’s been a while since I’ve had these dreams and goals in the forefront of my mind. Not that I have felt discouraged, but I think I’ve unknowingly gotten stuck in a rut. It seems it is easy to find yourself in such a place when you have your head down and you’re working hard just to get the small steps accomplished. Develop more programs, reach out to more people, hire an intern, approve the marketing materials, set up a donation site, start a video series, or should I start a vlog, read all the up to date research, finalize the budget, plan fundraisers… oh yeah and eat, sleep, walk my dog and be a human.

I was so thankful for the reminders this week to get back to the basics and to put my goals back in view. I wouldn’t be doing all of this if it wasn’t my dream, but sometimes the dream is hard to see under the pile of lined notepaper all over your desk. This is all to say, that I hope anyone reading this takes the time to remember their end goal. Remember why you submit yourself to the grind every day, and never lose sight of it.

But enough with the inspirational speech, I’m sure you’re really here to see what we’ve been up to and what’s to come.

A short summary of the past 11 months:
Maegan moved back to Kingston, Canada from Mexico. Emma and Maegan set up PIM and developed a full roster of educational programs for all different demographics. Emma took a step back from being on the executive team, and joined our Board of Directors as the Chair. We hired a new board member, Tyler Richardson. We also hired two marketing directors, a fundraising coordinator and have had three students.

A short summary of what is happening now:
Our student, Mary, is working within our community to build relationships with local schools and organizations that are interested in our youth mental health programs. More specifically, Mary’s primary interest is in Indigenous youth mental health and we have developed a particular program just for this demographic.

We have recently partnered with the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (BCSS). In our new relationship with BCSS we are working on two different projects in Kenya and Uganda. Both projects are grass roots organizations based around peer and family support. We are looking forward to being able to update you all about these projects as they unfold.

I have been sharing some of our Not-For-Profit knowledge with another startup NFP. While we aren’t partnered as organizations, it’s great to be able to give back and help someone through the process that we were so thankful to have support in. If you want to check out this new NFP go to:

Now, I have a few more updates in the pipeline, but I can’t spill the beans just yet. So I hope you come back to check out the next post and hopefully there will be beans everywhere!

Thanks for reading.

Be kind to yourself.