Our Mission: 

To increase the safety and wellbeing of persons living with mental illness by increasing mental health education and treatment capacity in resource poor communities.

Peace In Minds (PIM) is an international organization built on the conviction that increasing mental health education, training and treatment capacity will improve global health. PIM provides speacialised mental health education and program development in resource poor communities and populations. Training is provided at many different skill and capacity levels for health care workers, teachers and community members. The objective is to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure a specific, comprehensive and context appropriate program for those involved.

Our Values:

To be authentic in every individual community engagement we enter into

To support and build our communities to be stronger, healthier and safer

Knowledge Sharing
To commit to sharing our knowledge to improve the lives of others

Continuous Learning
To continue learning from our work and the communities we work with

Respecting all individuals, communities and cultures that we work with