Basic Mental Health Education

  • Basic Overview of Mental Health and Wellness
  • 1 session (3-4 hours)

Mental Health First Aid

  • Standardised by the Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • 2 Sessions (6 hours per session)

Teachers as First Responders

  • Customisable for specific school and community settings
  • 3 sessions (4 hours per session)

Youth Mental Health First Responder

  • Programs for grades 6-8, 9-12
  • Indigenous specific programs available
  • 4 sessions (1.5 hours per session) 

Family/Community Education

  • Specified for each session’s needs
  • No Certification (1.5-2 hours per session)

Work Place Wellness Workshop

  • Maximum group size of 12 (45-60 minutes)

Service Delivery:

PIM is dedicated to supporting and implementing a community based approach. We understand the necessity for communities and clinics to have autonomy over their services and knowledge. This is why PIM will work with its clients to understand the unique status, wants and needs of each particular setting. If needs are unclear for the community, PIM will conduct a needs assessment and present this to the community to ensure it aligns with their expectations.  Upon understanding the needs of a community, PIM will create an individualized education and program development plan to promote community mental health.

A three day workshop prepares the first responders and informs PIM of the specific needs of that community. The workshop includes information on :

– How to identify at risk behaviours
– How to start a conversation about mental health issues
– How to support a conversation if someone else starts it
– How to keep themselves and their community safe

This half day of training also includes constructing a package for the first responders.
Each package :
– Outlines major mental illness (i.e. anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.)
– Provides information on Risk Assessment
– Includes guidelines for Safety Planning
– Lists services available in the area

Once support systems have been put into place, PIM talks to the students and youth about mental health, healthy ways to deal with different types of stress, how to respond if a friend or loved one confides in them, and how to foster mental wellness in themselves.

**Mental Health First Aid is not customisable**