Duration: 45 Minutes
Group Size: 5-10

This workshop will expand your knowledge of mindfulness and the many exercises and activities it entails. By understanding the purpose of mindfulness and experiencing multiple types of practices, participants are able to discover which activities benefit them and their wellbeing. Participants will also learn how to adapt different practices to fit their individual needs and environment.

Section One:
15 minutes
Mindfulness overview and discussion. Why we use mindfulness, what are the benefits, how does it work for you?

Section Two:
15 minutes
Active mindfulness activities.
Body Scan, Mindful Walking, Body Language

Section Three:
10 minutes
Calming mindfulness activities.
Tactile Mindfulness, Breathing Exercises, Hand Release

Section Four:
5 Minutes
Debrief. What works for you and why? What doesn’t work for you and why? How can
we adapt these practices to fit our needs?

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