It is understood around the world that teachers are often the adults that spend the most time with our youth. For many youth, teachers are the only safe and consistent adult they have to rely on in their lives. For this reason, we believe that keeping teachers happy, healthy and educated is the key to ensuring the safety and positive development of our youth. This program is designed to give teachers all the information and tools they need to both ensure their own wellbeing and to protect, build up and develop the wellbeing of their students. All programs are developed with input from the schools before being put into action.

 This course is held in three sections.

  1. The basic information about mental health, for children, youth and adults.
  2. About self-care and keeping teachers healthy and happy enough to care for their students.
  3. Teaches you how to start the conversation about mental health in the classroom, how to support a student one on one, and how to avoid or de-escalate a crisis.

10 – 12 hours in total.

Offered to all school staff, teachers, guidance counselors, principles, teaching assistants and anyone else who has frequent contact with students.

Topics Covered:

All topics are subject to change and development. Specific needs and requests from schools will be considered and added to the program content.

  • Child and Youth brain development
  • Child and Youth mental health
  • Youth Substance Use
  • Teacher mental health
  • How to keep from burning out
  • How to start the conversation about mental health with students
  • Practicing and Teaching self care
  • Stigma
  • Crisis Intervention
    • Suicide prevention
    • De escalating a panic attack

Course Providers:

This course is typically provided and taught by educators from Peace In Minds. However, if this program needs to be taught in a language other than English, an educator who speaks the language will be hired on to assist in providing the program.